Thursday, September 26, 2013

Goats: A love hate relationship...

What I enjoy about the goats:
1. Putting together breeding pairs.
2. When they are out brushing and just being goats.
3. Kidding season ONLY if the weather is ideal, doesn't have to be perfect, but it can't be deathly.
4. Watching the kids bloom
5. Taking the kid crop to the USDA buying station. A- It tells me how I am doing with my program and B- I get a check.  :)

Things I don't enjoy about goats:
1. Bad kidding weather.
2. Bad kidding situations: Two or three does kidding in the shed together.  Goat dogs that want to protect the kids from EVERYTHING including their dams, bad mothers...etc.
3. Bottle babies!  I don't get many but if you raise any amount of goats you are going to have some if you choose to not let them die.
4. Worming day
5. Handling the bucks, especially during breeding season...shweew!  


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