Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spanish Quest...

Some of you, I know, are asking, "Why more goats?" and "Why go all that way to Texas?" and we say, "Why not?".

This week we closed so we could take the Annual employee lake trip and work on projects, like fence that the ice storm destroyed in Feb. Then Barry mentioned how he really wants MORE goats to eat MORE brush at the ranch. I guess my Kiko breeding up program is going too slow for him. :) We talked about it and had several ideas and then he mentioned how he really liked the black Spanish goat. So without much hesitation I got on the old computer and did some searching and found an ad in the Livestock Weekly for 100 spanish doelings... so a call was made and we were on our way several days later to West Texas. (I like to call it South TX because it is South of me but tech. it is West.)

Can you see the excitement on our faces!
Really we were having fun - I promise.

Koy Ranch, Eldorado Texas
Koy Adcock's mother started raising Spanish goats in 1991. She believed it to be the best way to clear her ranch of brush. Her mother really liked the black spanish goat. Koy said that her mother would sell a goat if it had just one white hair (and of course she culled for the other obvious things). After her passing Koy inherited the ranch and goat herd. She sticks to her mother's breeding program by using only black bucks on her black does. She says occasionally a doe will throw a kid with brown legs or a white spot. She doesn't keep many of them like that but if they are good goats they get to stay, at least for a while.

Koy did tell us this is the first time that doe kids have been sold for breeding stock out of this herd since it was started.

Koy, Marie & Tino (and their daughter).

Back in Arkansas on I-40
Time to unload.

Our goats checking out the new girls in town.

All the girls exploring their new surroundings.
They will spend a couple of days in this holding pen so they can settle in and not try to head back to Texas. We wouldn't want that!

Thank you Koy for offering these quality does!
Thank you Tino and family for your help and hard work - I need you guys to come help with my goats. :)

If you are looking for some good black spanish genetics Koy has more for sale. She can be reached at 325 -853-2272

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the HCR Goat Blog! This will be a place I will share little events that might be going on with our goats and the ranch, photos and of course kidding season.... enjoy!