Friday, January 6, 2012

Out and About

The last few days the weather has been spring like.  Not to go outside and enjoy it would be silly on my part, so today one of my activities was following around the goats and taking photos.  I think they got tired of me showing up everywhere they went.

Winter alway has the goats on the move looking for food.  They always start with the hay we roll out for the them and the horses.

100% NZ line-bred Blue Son Doe - Bred to a Generator son for Feb. kidding.

Spanish doe

This is one of my favorite goats.  She a 3/4 Kiko doe from our breed-up program.   She does a great job of raising good kids. 

Purebred Blue's Son Doe bred to the Generator buck for a Feb. kidding.

Purebred daughter of Super Sport looking extra pregnant.  She is not due until March.