Monday, June 6, 2011

Goat this and thats...

Mid Spring

I would say summer is now upon us.  The cool rainy days have stopped and the heat has arrived.  I think it was a bit rude of Mother Nature to go from one extreme to the other, but she does what she does and we have no say in it. :)

With all the rain we had some of the goats were very "challenged" while others took it in stride.  When extreme weather comes it lets you know who your real tough girls/guys are and who needs to go.  So some have been added to the culling list.

End of May

During this time of the year there is a lot more thinking about the goat program than doing.  The kids are starting to show more of what they have potential to be and the does are out just doing their job.  A lot are starting to put weight back on due to all of the summer forage (which is nice to see).  A few things I have thought about while watching the goats be goats:

1. I really need to update my website, and do it on a regular basis.  I usually am more involved with it but this year I have been very ho-hum about it.

2. I need to get back in the Goat Rancher.  Another, sigh, I didn't renew my breeder listing.  That is something that is important if I am going to sell any kind of breeding stock, duh!  AND I need to do a 1/4 page ad or something.

3. Breeding plans. I have decided I need to stager breeding better.  Breed the top does to kid out earlier and the first timers and commercials later when the weather is pretty okay (unless we get more rain and mud like this year, then it really does not matter). 

4. When should I go look for another Spanish buck?  We purchased two last year. One ready to go and the other was quite young and we only gave him a few does.  So I am thinking the older buck is going to find a new home (think he has found it), breed all the Spanish to the younger and then look for a buck for the year 2012 breeding season... my thoughts thus far.  

Spanish bucklings: always on the look out.

So as the summer goes on I will sit and think some more and come up with more plans for the future.  Before we know it, it will be time to gather up kids and take them off to market.  

Can't afford to wean these guys late or else I will have some unauthorized kids being born.