Friday, November 11, 2011

Organizing the 2011 Doelings

Most breeders probably all ready put their does up for sale and have been sold out for over a month.  Me, nope.  I drug my feet thinking I didn't have that many (read post before this) to sell.  With the culling of quite a few older does I figured I was keeping most of them.  After getting everything up, separating the doelings and taking the wethers off to market I realized I had a lot more than I thought.  Also after the drought this summer and talking with my husband we decided there was no need for keeping an extra amount either.  

These are the two NZ Bucks I used last breeding season.
Black Buck: DAR Kareem O Wheat
Red Spotted Buck: DAR Diamond Trout
All of our registered stock this year will have to be DNA tested regardless of the %.  We turned both bucks in at the same time with the does due to not having enough pens. 

So yesterday I had the task of "organizing" the doelings into groups. 

1. Replacements: Who and how many.
2. Who to sell: A. Who to sell as registered stock.
                        B. Who to sell as commercial.
                        C. Who will go straight to market.

1/2 Kiko doeling that we will be retaining.
Sire: NZ Kiko Dam: PB Spanish - she is one of my favorites to look at. 
She did not get her spots from the 
Spanish side believe it or not.  I am pretty sure he sire is
DAR Diamond Trout. 
The DNA test will let me know if I am right. 

Purebred Doeling we will be retaining.

Another Purebred doeling we will be retaining.

This is just a few of the ones we have offered for sale

FOR SALE: 7/8 AKGA Doeling (papers pending)
She comes from a line of dams that have made excellent mothers. 

FOR SALE: 3/4 PB Doeling (papers pending)


Purebred Spanish Doelings
Below are 2 of the 6 Spanish doelings we are offering for sale. All of them are black.  
Priced $200 each or $175 if you take them all.


Commercial Does
We have about 11 commercial (non-registered) doelings for sale. 
$200 each or $175 for 5 or more. 

Sire: Spanish  Dam: PB Kiko

Purebred Doeling who is a triplet.

High % Kiko Doeling 

So if you haven't all ready purchased you doelings this season, give us a call!
870-715-2891 or e-mail at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A New Spanish Buck

We are excited to announce our purchase of a new Spanish buck.  A 2011 Buckling that is out of a Kensing bred doe and by a Weinheimer bred buck.  We put him in with 15 Koy Ranch bred does on Oct 21.  Barry likes his build and his type but is not excited about him not being black.  If the kids turn out like I think they will, I don't think he will mind. 

We have not come up with a name for him yet. 

In with some Koy Ranch Does.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How many doelings?

2011 Spanish Doeling

I take records, I write down birth weights and who was born when. I even tag everything when the kids are born... the trick I have found is looking BACK at your records and actually reading them.   This kidding season it felt like for every doe kid that  was born three buck kids were born next.  I kept thinking how we were going to have to keep every doe to replace older does I was getting rid of this year, plus the usual number of culls.  So I didn't look at the doe kids or count them as time went on... WELL, we pulled all of the doelings off the 350 acres to avoid them getting bred.  I don't like breeding does in the year they are born. 

The pen we put the doelings in.  Lots of food, although, not for long since there are so many of them.

As we were working the goats and separating the 2011 doelings my husband asked "How many of these do you have?"  My reply, "I had mostly bucks, there shouldn't be too many."  Then he asked "How many of these are you keeping?"  "Well, most of them because we got rid of so many does this year."  As the work went on the doeling number got bigger.  The pen we were putting them in was getting more and more crowded, to the point we had to use a different pen.

Some of the 2011 doelings

When all was done we counted the little girls and I had fifty two.  Hmmmm, fifty two?  I was thinking I had around 30 with some that would end up at the market.  Moral to the story:  It is important to read and use your records not just make them.

Crazy colored Kiko/Spanish doeling

What now?  Now I need to go through the doelings and figure out who I am keeping, who is worthy of being sold as breeding stock prospects and who is going to market.  

Purebred Doeling