Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cream of the Crop Sale Trip...

I decided last year when I saw the Cream of the Crop sale advertised in the Goat Rancher that I might want to try and make it. After the AKGA National Convention I decided I had to go - I wanted to buy some more breeding stock to add to our program (I only ended up with one goat from the National Convention Sale). My plan was to get just one NZ if possible - more would be nice but I figured I would only be able to get one and then some PB does - I couldn't spend the entire budget on one goat. My other goal was to get a daughter of Blue's Son - I didn't care if it was a PB or a NZ. Every sale I have tried to get one I have been out bid.

We left out Oct. 29th. We stayed in St. Louis, MO (a little more than 1/2 way). We visited the LDS (Mormon) temple and went to PF Changs for lettuce wraps and good Chinese food aftewards. The next morning we had planned on leaving around 8:00 but the rain followed us from Arkansas. We turned on the t.v. to check the road conditions and got the news that there were flooded roads and many accidents.... we delayed our departure time by an hour.

Driving in hard rain is tiring and VERY boring...

The weather started to clear up once we crossed into IN.
South Indiana is very beautiful. The rolling hills with the autumn leaves that were left.
We checked into our motel and headed to the fairgrounds to listen to a seminar and look at goats.

The bucks were ripe and ready! Sheew!

Some of the commercial goats.

The paint was a PB Two Timen Loverboy and the other was a Raiz'n Kane daughter.

Duff and Sky talking about some last minute details before the sale started.

We purchased lot number:

18 - SKY 1107 Sara
NZ Doe
Sire: TNT'S Two Time'n Loverboy Dam: MGR Lightin's Lady T14

22 - SKY 217 Rudy Blue
NZ Doe
Sire: Blue's Son Dam: D7D 9B
Bred to Nick's Last Shadow

59 - DLS TNT'S Two Time'n
NZ Doe
Sire: TNT'S Two Time'n Loverboy Dam: JFK Aristocrat's Agape

90 - DSL Two Time'n Girl B106
PB Doe
Sire: TNT'S Two Time'n Loverboy Dam: SKY S403
Bred to Nick's Last Shadow

We also purchased three 50% from Terry Hankins and several 3/4 commercial does that are bred.

Loaded up and ready to go.

St. Louis was almost 1/2 way home.

Finally home!
Unloaded and expecting the arena.

Better photos to come of the girls.

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