Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The kids are coming, the kids are coming....

HBK Lisa 1/2 Kiko doe due in Feb. Bred to BBM Sports Kat V872

It is almost that time of the year (this year) for the kids to start to arrive. We had initially had does bred to kid in Feb, but since our new purchase of goats we should start kidding the middle of January. Fourteen 7/8 Kiko does and 13 commercial Kiko cross does, oh and we can not forget the two we purchased at the Cream of the Crop sale a NZ Blue's Son daughter and a PB Two Time'n Loverboy daughter.

Are we ready... hmmm. I ordered a bunch of color coded tags today, a couple of bottle's for the "just in case" which we don't intend on having any, right and couple this and that goat things you need for new kids to arrive. They will be here before we know it!
NZ Blue's Son daughter bred to Nick's Last Shadow

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