Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kidding Update...

This 2010 kidding season has not been with out it's ups and downs. A doe would kid here and there and the weather was not too bad, all was going well. But when the weatherman announced that a BIG storm was coming we knew we were in trouble. Fortunatly we did not get the ice they thought we would , just 8 inches of snow - and it was cold cold at night.

To make a long story short we have 5 does in our garage all w/ twins except one that kidded triplets this morning plus three bottle babies.

At one point I thought, "Now why do we have goats again?" After a good nights rest, the next day I felt better and was ready to take on whatever happened.

Not that the garage is the most ideal place for our goats, it has a good viewing window from the kitchen. :) It is time for several of the mothers to go out w/ their kids today - Cody our second son said "Our garage smells like a goat show. " I can only imagine what our house is starting to smell like to people that come over who don't have animals or goats.

When it comes down to it, these guys are an investment and you do what you have to do... plus no one likes frozen little babies.

New photos will be coming soon after things start to get back to normal.


  1. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one worrying about the smell in the house....We had to bring a hypothermic kid into the house to warm up in a tub of warm water. We took him back to the field to his dam, and of course, she rejected him. We had washed off his scent. Needless to say, he stayed in our utility room for about 3 days, and WHEW he was a mess. So thankful that he is now out in the pasture with the other goats grazing, and getting his bottle 2 times a day. MUCH less cleaning involved :)

  2. Your photos are fantastic. I've linked the post with the two white kids on All Things Goat.com. It's scheduled to go up tomorrow as a feature post with information about your ranch.

    Martha Ann