Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Update

It has been forever since I last posted it would seem.  Kidding season is  moving right along.  I think we are nearing the end soon.  I was able to get MOST of the goats up in their kidding pastures but some did not come in or they escaped.  For the does that did not get in a kidding pasture, their kids, who were born out on the 350 acres, do not have tags or weights.  Oh well such is life.....

This kid's dam was kind of an accident.  We had a Myotonic buck for some time.  We were brining goats to separate into breeding groups and the dam's dam jumped out into the Myotonic's pasture. So we just left her instead of trying to catch her again.  This kid then is 1/2 Kiko and his dam is boer/spanish x myotonic.

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