Monday, November 1, 2010


We had not planned on attending the sale this year.  I got a call from a past buyer who lived in KY that wanted to purchase another load of our commercial does - I will say this always makes me feel good. I am sure it makes everyone feel good, but sometimes don't you wonder how your goats are doing when they leave your farm and if the buyers are happy with them. Sometimes you never hear from the buyer again.  Anyway we struck up a deal to deliver goats to the sale.

I was excited because I wanted to go back and take the kids to Corydon during Halloween for their big festival things going on around the square.

We arrived late, late Friday night - we had planned on leaving earlier, as we always do, but it didn't work out that way.  The 9 hr trip always takes a little longer when you have 4 kids in the truck - but we arrived!
The next morning we slept in a little (because of that dang time change - Cameron our oldest didn't think that Corydon wad far enough East to allow a time difference. I think I agree with him).

When we finally arrived at the sale Dr. Browning was just about to start his seminar.  I feel that his information is so useful and well done if that is all you went to see it would be a well worth trip.  We learned a few things and were reminded of a few others.  He also talked about the flood from last year and showed a lot of photos from it.  The goat industry is lucky to have TSU and the Brownings and all of the research for us to use for free.

Sale time rolled around and some how Cody and Cameron (our two oldest - were helping work the sale).  It is funny because Cody is NOT a goat person but he was more than willing to go do a paying job.

The prices were up and I bid on a few but they were to much out of my reality price range for me to justify me buying a goat.  We are not in need of any stock but there were a few that that I really wanted. :)  I was proud of myself for refraining and having control of myself.  Goat auctions, well almost any auction, it is hard for me not to go home with out at least ONE animal or item.

There was a lot of high quality stock and they buyers appreciated it.  From what I can see the high selling buck was consigned by Egypt Creek Ranch Lot #71 and sold for $2400 - he was by BBM Hanky Panky's Y266 and out of a daughter of BHF Onyx's Shadow...he was a pretty buck and just got off of the WIU performance test.
The high sellind doe was consigned by Goat Hill Kikos Lot #27 and sold for $2700 sire: Sunboy Stanton 149 (Nick) Dam was a daughter of TNT Cody
The high selling % was a 1/2 AKGA doe Consigned by Goat Hill Kikos Sire: GHK Nick's Copy and out of a commercial Spanish doe - she was bred to Wild Bill... she sold for $525

After the sale we took the kids to the square for some Halloween fun.  We were just an hr behind on the good trick or treating, most of the homes were out of candy after we ended up taking them to Wal-Mart to pick out a big bag of candy to make into one big pile of sugary goodness.

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