Friday, November 11, 2011

Organizing the 2011 Doelings

Most breeders probably all ready put their does up for sale and have been sold out for over a month.  Me, nope.  I drug my feet thinking I didn't have that many (read post before this) to sell.  With the culling of quite a few older does I figured I was keeping most of them.  After getting everything up, separating the doelings and taking the wethers off to market I realized I had a lot more than I thought.  Also after the drought this summer and talking with my husband we decided there was no need for keeping an extra amount either.  

These are the two NZ Bucks I used last breeding season.
Black Buck: DAR Kareem O Wheat
Red Spotted Buck: DAR Diamond Trout
All of our registered stock this year will have to be DNA tested regardless of the %.  We turned both bucks in at the same time with the does due to not having enough pens. 

So yesterday I had the task of "organizing" the doelings into groups. 

1. Replacements: Who and how many.
2. Who to sell: A. Who to sell as registered stock.
                        B. Who to sell as commercial.
                        C. Who will go straight to market.

1/2 Kiko doeling that we will be retaining.
Sire: NZ Kiko Dam: PB Spanish - she is one of my favorites to look at. 
She did not get her spots from the 
Spanish side believe it or not.  I am pretty sure he sire is
DAR Diamond Trout. 
The DNA test will let me know if I am right. 

Purebred Doeling we will be retaining.

Another Purebred doeling we will be retaining.

This is just a few of the ones we have offered for sale

FOR SALE: 7/8 AKGA Doeling (papers pending)
She comes from a line of dams that have made excellent mothers. 

FOR SALE: 3/4 PB Doeling (papers pending)


Purebred Spanish Doelings
Below are 2 of the 6 Spanish doelings we are offering for sale. All of them are black.  
Priced $200 each or $175 if you take them all.


Commercial Does
We have about 11 commercial (non-registered) doelings for sale. 
$200 each or $175 for 5 or more. 

Sire: Spanish  Dam: PB Kiko

Purebred Doeling who is a triplet.

High % Kiko Doeling 

So if you haven't all ready purchased you doelings this season, give us a call!
870-715-2891 or e-mail at


  1. Crying here because I want all your black doelings but I don't have any money. One of these days, one of these days I will get what I want.

  2. Every year I should have some. :)